Amazon Kindle Scribe vs ReMarkable 2:


Despite not being the first business to provide a write-on e-ink gadget, Amazon is among the first industry titans to produce an e-ink writing tablet. Here are our first thoughts on the top two options and advice on which one you should choose for taking notes while you’re on the road.

Kindle Scribe

Many individuals choose to carry about one tablet rather than two different gadgets since they like both reading and writing. A Kindle e-reader and a writing tablet with note-taking features will be combined in the Kindle Scribe. You may take notes within the eBooks and arrange them using the note-taking tablet’s organizing capabilities.

The Kindle Scribe supports PDF and ePUB files in addition to GIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG, BMP, TXT, RTF, HTM, and HTML, but the reMarkable 2 tablet only supports ePUB and PDF files.

The Kindle Scribe comes with pre-made templates to make lists, diaries, and notebooks for you, but it can also make sticky notes in Microsoft Word and other Word documents that are compatible, something the reMarkable 2 cannot currently do. The reMarkable 2 allows you to upload files and take notes, but it can only deliver documents in the PDF, PNG, and SVG forms—not the DOC or DOCX formats. There is Microsoft OneDrive online storage available with the reMarkable.

It will be more advantageous to use if you’re already connected into the Microsoft Office system since beginning early next year, the Kindle Scribe will also receive the option to transfer documents straight to Kindle Scribe from inside Microsoft Word.

ReMarkable 2

Despite the fact that it is a gadget for taking notes, the Kindle Scribe nevertheless generates distractions due to the fact that it can read Kindle books and can access the internet browser. The reMarkable 2 tablet does not support Kindle books, but rather only PDF and ePUB files may be read on it. The only thing you’ll be able to do with a reMarkable 2 is send documents and access the internet using Google Drive, OneDrive, or DropBox. It is a more targeted tool for jotting down thoughts and organizing them on digital paper.

When it comes to writing, the reMarkable provides users with a total of eight distinct pen brush options to choose from. These include a ballpoint pen, a fineliner, a marker, a pencil, a mechanical pencil, a paintbrush, a highlighter pen, and a calligraphy pen. It genuinely feels like I’m writing on paper, and the pen strokes don’t pixelate as I write owing to the pen functions and the 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity. It is pretty easy to organise your thoughts on the digital display because to these pen capabilities and the sensitivity. In addition to that, it features a tilt recognition feature, and the settings on the tablet give you the option of writing with either your left or right hand.

Final Thoughts

If you use Microsoft software and want an all-in-one e-reader and writing tablet, you should get the Kindle Scribe. If you want a digital notepad without interruptions and you want numerous brush options for writing notes, you should acquire the ReMarkable 2 Tablet.

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