How to Check Canara Bank Mini Statement in 2022


The Canara Bank of India is a state-owned financial institution. Spread across the whole of India, the bank branch network is known for its helpful staff and satisfied customers.

Customer inquiry services at Canara Bank are many.

The bank has implemented a new bank mini statement service where consumers can give a missed call in order to access their information regarding the Canara bank mini statement.

Canara Bank Mini Statement Services for account holders

Canara account holders may do things like checking their Canara bank savings account, use the bank mini statement service, and ask questions about loans using this service of the Canara bank.

There are more options available than calling the Canara Bank to check the Canara bank mini statement and all the deposits. Other options exist to access the banking services of Canara bank when you’re on the move such as from the mobile banking app.

Let us see the missed call inquiry numbers for Canara bank, and then we can talk about other Canara bank services and their registration process.

Canara Bank Mini Statement: Missed Call Banking to View Canara Bank mini Statement

Canara Bank mini statements may be obtained in a variety of methods, one of which is by sending a missed call from your registered mobile phone. This is also known as the SMS service

Things to keep in mind while using the missed call service

A connection to the internet is not necessary for this procedure of getting the Canara bank mini statement.

You may access your Canara bank mini statement, which includes information about your bank accounts like your current amount and the latest five transactions, by dialing 09015734734 from your registered mobile phone. This will give you your recent last few transactions with bank details.

Credit and debit amounts are also shown in the SMS as “CR” and “DR,” respectively.

Mini statements are available in Hindi by dialing 09015613613 from your verified mobile device.

Canara Bank Mini Statement Access through Internet Banking at Canara Bank

Those who have signed up for Canara bank online net banking and have their login credentials on hand have another option for seeing their Canara bank account balance and account details.

Unfortunately, you can’t use this technique without a working internet connection.

Steps to keep in mind:

1.         Proceed to the Canara Bank homepage

2.         Don’t forget to fill in your username, password, and captcha!

3.         To make a link, you must choose “Connection.”

4.         Select “Bank Information” from the sidebar.

5.         You may verify the brief declaration on the next screen.

6.         Get Canara bank mini statement full by clicking on the “mini statement” option.

Canara Bank Mini Statement: Dial-Up Access Instructions

The Canara Bank mini statement may be accessed through the numbers listed under the Canara bank missed call service since there is no separate toll-free line for this purpose.

Dial-Up Access information

  • For an English language Canara Bank Mini Statement of your recent transactions, please call 09015734734.
  • For a Canara Bank Mini Statement in Hindi, please call 09015613613.

List of other numbers to keep in mind.

The following are five Indian phone numbers you might try if you still require the toll-free number for further questions regarding SMS banking.

1800 425 0018 1800 103 0018 \1800 208 3333 \1800 3011 3333 \+91-80-22064232 (When dialling from outside of India)

Methods for Accessing Your Canara Bank Mini Statement from the nearest ATM

1.        Put your Canara Bank credit or debit card into the reader.

2.         Please choose your language of choice.

3.         Type your personal identification number at the Canara bank ATM machine.

4.         On the screen, tap the option labeled “Mini statement.”

5.         There, on the big screen, is where you’ll see your Canara bank mini statement.

6.        The last 10 of your purchases may be printed out for your convenience along with the bank mini statement number.

Internet Banking Services: How to Check Canara Bank Mini Statement via Mobile Phones App

1.         Use your Android or iOS smartphone to get the Canara ai 1 from the google play store and the apple app store. This is the Canara Bank Mobile Banking App which can help customers to check mini statements.

2.         Identify yourself using a user ID and password/MPIN to get access to registering in the Canara bank mobile banking app.

3.         To use ePassbook, choose it from the “Pay and transfer” submenu in the “All” section.

4.         A complete history of your recent Canara Bank transactions will be available to you.

In this way, you can access the Canara bank mini statement through the “Canara ai 1” Canara bank mobile banking.

Reasons for not receiving the message from Canara bank

Messages from Canara Bank regarding mini bank account statements may not be delivered to your registered mobile number for a variety of reasons.

If you have tried calling the balance inquiry number and have not received a message, there are a few possible explanations.

Possible explanations

1.         It’s possible you phoned the incorrect number or used the wrong SIM card.

2.         If you’ve just switched cell providers or your number has changed, you’ll need to stop by the bank’s branch to get everything set up.

3.         Verify that the registered mobile number associated with your account has an adequate balance.

4.         The bank’s server may have encountered an unexpected problem. You need to give it some more time before you try to call again from the same mobile number.

Final thoughts

Mini statement missed call service

The Mini Statement from Canara Bank is accessible. A simple missed call is all that is required to get it. However, this is only available if a cellphone number is verified by the financial institution and for a single account holder.

The primary goal

The goal is to have it linked to the main account number. A detailed account statement is also available via online banking or by visiting a Canara bank location.

In many instances, you will want a bank statement or a statement from your credit card company. It would be prudent to have a look at the most recent bank statement that Canara has provided.

No need to use Canara bank ATM

Using an ATM to get a Mini statement as part of normal practice is recommended. The ATM gives a summary statement for Canara Bank account holders.

Nevertheless, access to this service is now as easy as the click of a button. This is also the most common method used by customers of Canara Bank to verify their account balances.

You no longer need to go to a Canara bank branch ATM in order to get your Mini Statement, which contains information about your account.

Summing up

In conclusion, you now know how to acquire your Canara Bank statement online using Internet Banking and SMS service via your registered mobile number.

Get your Canara Bank Mini Statement by missed call, register your cell phone number with the bank and get the benefits as an account holder of a single bank account.

Mini statements are only available for a single Canara Bank account per customer and not for multiple account holders.

In order to get a mini statement and other services, the account holder must provide information about their single account.

Frequently Asked Questions

●          Is there a fee for using the Canara Bank mobile missed call service?

The bank’s missed call SMS service is totally free. It’s possible, nevertheless, that the regular call rates imposed by your SIM provider will apply to get the confirmation SMS.

●          How to download the Canara Bank mini statement?

To see your savings account transactions for a single account, you may check your balance on the Canara Bank mobile app.

Select the statement for the most recent 1, 3, or 6 months for more information.

You may also choose a range of dates that is specific to your needs. The “Download as PDF” button is the next step.

●          Is the Canara bank mini statement available in the Hindi language?

Those interested in a Canara bank mini statement in Hindi may do so by giving a missed call to 09015613613 from your registered mobile number. Obviously, first, they have to link and register their mobile number with their bank account. No internet connection is required for these mini statement services.

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