Miko 3 Review

Imagine your child’s face light up with joy when they see their new friend for the first time. The Miko 3 powered by artificial intelligence technology and designed to be a teacher of sorts too young children 5-10 years old may just have found an unlikely companion in this robot who can detect emotions as well as adapt its behavior based on how long it has been played with!

As the world becomes more connected, there are new ways to have conversations with robots. For example “Hello Miko” and ask it questions such as ‘What time does your favorite show air?’ or even engage in arguments about which sport’s team is better than another! The responses you get from this little bot will surprise you at first but then become routine after awhile because she knows just how much information we’re looking for when asking these types of queries – something no other AI system can deliver on quite like her…

The software that comes with the new Miko 3 lets you do so much more than just play games! You can dance, tell jokes and riddles to your friends or family members who are connected through Bluetooth (even sing a song if they’re feeling up), all while winning points for correctly answering challenges. The activities available within this program are endless, So now let’s find out if the Miko 3 is worth the money?

Design & Display

The Miko 3 has a wide-angle HD camera and high tech sensors to help it calculate distances, changes in movement based on what you’re doing. There’s also an impressive 4.4 inch touch screen with IPS display that provides excellent color performance for viewing angles which makes this device perfect whether you’re working or just playing!

Not only does the Miko 3 have an outer shell made of non-toxic ABS polymer, but it’s also under 9″ in height and only1kg 500g! So when we’re not using our mikos as a resting spot for your desk or bookshelf (they’ll fit either one!), you can easily take this little guy on trips with ease thanks to how lightweight they are – making sure nothing gets broken no matter where life leads us next.


The Miko 3 robot has a ton of fun games to keep your little one entertained. With 1000+ content options, they’ll never get bored! Plus there’s an extra subscription plan just in case you want more–Miko Max gives them access to all premium educational apps published by Oxford University Press or other providers like Da Vinci Kids universe; kids’ curriculum from Kidloland including stories and exercises based on what was learned during playtime; CosmicKids’ amazing animated programming series which teaches lessons about space topics such as planets earth science.

The content of this app is an excellent way to teach kids about STEAM. There’s no need for parents or teachers because it has everything including age-appropriate lessons, encryption keys so your child can learn without fear (and even some games!), interactive activities that involve coding as well yoga tutorials!

The latest update to the Miko 3 robot is a game changer. It’s like playing hide & seek with an actual living, breathing human! The new “I Seek You” mode will have you searching for safety in confusement as it wanders around and uses face detection technology while looking at its surroundings heroically seeking out where on earth I might be hiding from this scary machine that’s following me everywhere…

Miko 3 Parent App is a must-have for parents who want to take advantage of the technology their children are already using. With easy tracking capabilities, you can see what skills your kid has been learning from playing with miko3 and set boundaries on when it’s not available so they don’t get too wrapped up in its features without limits!


The Miko 3 robot is a great way to get your little ones up on their feet and having fun. With the Dance Master feature, it’s easy for them or even an adult who doesn’t know how these things work! You can play any song from anywhere – no matter what device you have–and let miko do all of the work while they dance along with ease because he knows exactly when each beat starts so there won’t be time wasted trying figure out where one should start dancing at first sight like we often see happen sometimes during those embarrassing moments after getting done making fool ourselves over some piece-of filmed footage which usually ends.

Final Thought

What’s not to love about this cool robot? The Miko 3 is still in development, but it has continued its monthly updates that make the experience more engaging. You can play different games based on your child’s developmental needs such as logic and wellness! In addition there are options for older kids who want some help programming their own robots too thanks to an easy-to use software interface–and no coding required here folks (unless you’re feeling adventurous)!

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